Board of Trustees


Professor Dr. M Q-K Talukder

The Chairman of Ashulia Women and Children Hospital, National Professor Dr. M Q-K Talukder is a distinguished pediatrician who has made significant contributions to the field of maternal and child health. He is widely recognized for breastfeeding advocacy and as a leading expert in child nutrition. His effort has made a major impact on improving the health and well-being of children in Bangladesh.

He was the Founder and Director of the Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH), Matuail, Dhaka and played a key role in advancing research and education in the field of pediatric medicine. He has also been instrumental in developing policies and programs aimed at improving the health outcomes of mothers and children in Bangladesh, particularly in the areas of nutrition and breastfeeding.

Professor Talukder was also the Founder and Chairman of the Bangladesh Breast Feeding Foundation (BBF), an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting breastfeeding among mothers. Through this organization, he has helped to educate thousands of women about the benefits of breastfeeding and has worked to create a supportive environment for mothers to choose to breastfeed their children.

As a prominent voice in the field of child health, Professor Talukder has been actively involved in policymaking at the national level. In 2013, Professor Talukder played a vital role in strengthening the Breast Milk Substitute Code (BMS Code).

Professor MQ-K Talukder is a tireless advocate for the health and wellbeing of children, and his contributions to the field of pediatric medicine have had a profound impact on countless families around the country.

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Vice Chairman

Mr. Khondoker Monir Uddin

A passionate entrepreneur and a perceptive businessman, Mr. Khondoker Monir Uddin is one of the key member of BOT of CWCH. Mr. Monir completed both his Bachelor’s with Honors and Master’s degrees from the Department of Accounting, University of Dhaka. On achieving academic feat, Mr. Monir set out his venture in business in 1985. The succeeding years saw his scintillating entrepreneurship in diverse fields of business spanning Readymade Garments (RMG), Real Estate, Chemicals, Business Equipment & Machine Supply, Banking, Healthcare, Education, Brokerage Services etc.

With his visionary and proven business record, Mr. Monir has acquired a good entrepreneur image in the country. He puts indelible mark of perfection in whatever areas he works. For example, with his visionary leadership and keen business knowledge, Shanta Holdings Limited, a powerful portfolio of the country’s most distinctive and selective developments, drives forward to demonstrate unparalleled foresight by developing projects which are the epitome of modern architecture and comfortable living.

Mr. Monir is also a founder and Managing Director of the prestigious STS Group – which revolutionized the healthcare and education sectors of the country by establishing international standard institutions like Evercare Hospital Dhaka (previously Apollo Hospitals Dhaka), International School Dhaka (ISD) and the DPS STS schools. He is also a sponsor Director and former Chairman of Dhaka Bank Limited, and the Managing Director of Shanta Securities Limited.

He is equally compassionate about social responsibility and contribution in philanthropic services for the underprivileged children and women. In pursuit of this noble cause, he involved himself in establishing Ashulia Women and Children Hospital, which is dedicated to providing affordable and quality healthcare services to the most vulnerable members of the society.

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Mr. Khondoker Jamil Uddin

Mr. Khondoker Jamil Uddin, Member of the Board of Trustees, holds sizable financial, real estate, and banking interests. He is actively involved in Bangladesh Hockey Federation and Cricket Board.

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Saif Khondoker

Saif Khondoker is a promising entrepreneur with great potential. He completed his BBA with a specialization in Strategic Management from the University of Toronto, and his MBA from the prestigious Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

He is one of the Director of Shanta Holdings Limited (SHL). Under his leadership, Shanta strives to strengthen its strategic marketing and branding, enhance operational efficiencies, and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and best practices. Moreover, his focus on quality and driving product innovation by incorporating modern features into Shanta projects continue to truly differentiate it from competitors, ensuring it remains unparalleled in design and quality.

He is also the Chairman of Shanta Asset Management Ltd.  As the Chairman he is making significant contributions to the growth and success of the company. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its portfolio and increased its market share in the asset management industry.

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Member Secretary and Treasurer

Md. Mujibur Rahman

Md. Mujibur Rahman is the Member Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of Ashulia Women and Children Hospital.

Md. Mujibur Rahman is a seasoned management professional with over 35 years of extensive experience in managing renowned local and multinational organizations.

He is actively involved in the real estate business. He has been a part of SHL since inception and is currently the Executive Director of Procurement and Legal.

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M. Anisul Haque, FCMA

An MBA in Finance from University of Dhaka, M. Anisul Haque has over 18 years of practical experience in renowned local and multinational organizations by serving in different capacities such as Chief Accountant, General Manager, Group CFO and Finance Controller.

Haque is currently practicing as a Cost and Management Accountant and Consultant and is a Fellow Member (FCMA) of The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB).

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Prof. Dr. Khurshid Talukder

Prof. (Dr) Khurshid Talukder is a highly respected and accomplished pediatrician who has made significant contribution to the field of pediatrics. He received his MBBS degree from Dhaka Medical College in 1988 and went to complete DCH from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow in 1991. He also earned an MRCP in Pediatrics from the same college in 1993.

Dr. Khrushid has an impressive work history, having held various positions throughout his career, including Assistant Professor in ICMH and DMCH, RMO in Chittagong General Hospital and Pediatric Registrar at Addenbrooks’ Hospital in Cambridge, UK.

Currently, Dr. Khurshid hold the post of Staff Grade in Community Pediatrics in Lewisham Primary Care Trust in London, UK. He has authored several publications in both national and international journals and has presented numerous papers at conferences nationally and internationally. His expertise and knowledge in pediatrics have been recognized and respected by his peers and colleagues alike.

Dr. Khurshid is known for his patient-centered approach to medical care and his dedication to providing high-quality healthcare to his patients. He has a special interest in child development, adolescent health, and child protection.

Additionally, Dr. Khurshid is actively involved in various charitable activities, particularly those focused on improving eh health and wellbeing of underprivileged children and families. He is a true inspiration to aspiring healthcare professionals and a valuable asset to the field of pediatrics.

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M Habibul Basit

M Habibul Basit, a well-seasoned professional with an illustrious track record is the Chief Executive Officer of Shanta Holdings Limited. Basit completed his Masters of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Dhaka, following which he acquired a Post Graduate Diploma in “Marketing Management and Physical Distribution” from Netherlands International Institute for Executive Development, Holland.

During his illustrious career, Basit held the positions of Managing Director at Archroma Bangladesh Limited and Chief Operating Officer of Rahimafrooz Accumulators Limited. Basit also worked in Toronto, Canada for Strip Tech, a company specializing in metal stripping and sand blasting.

Basit has the experience of working with Rekitt Benckiser in Bangladesh as a Sales Director, New Zealand Milk Products, Bangladesh as a National Sales Manager and British American Tobacco, Bangladesh as a Trainee District Sales Officer and Area Sales and Marketing Manager.

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Professor Dr. Saleh Ahmed

Professor Saleh Ahmed is a graduate from Dhaka Medical College and is a highly esteemed eye specialist, holding FCPS in Ophthalmology and a FICS degree. He is renowned for his pioneering work in Vitreo Retina surgery and is a proficient Phaco surgeon. He has left an indelible mark on eye care as the founder and first Professor of Vitreo Retina at the National Institute of Ophthalmology. His compassionate approach to patient care has earned him respect and admiration form colleagues and patient alike.

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